What to tell a Realtor About Homes You\’ve Seen

Tell the sales professional everything you like and don\’t like about each home you see. Don\’t be shy about discussing a home\’s shortcomings. Is the home too small for your needs? Let the sales professional know. Was the home perfect except for the carpeting? Let the sales professional know.

However, remember that there can be two types of sales professionals involved in a real estate transaction; those working for the buyer, and, frequently, those paid by and working for the seller. The seller\’s agent is obligated to help secure the best price for the seller. In addition, seller\’s agents may also report any confidences you share with them including any willingness to pay a higher price should the seller not accept your initial offer(s). This is why you may want to be represented by a buyer\’s agent, because he/she will keep your input confidential. A buyer\’s agent puts the interests of the buyer – not the seller – first.

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