How to Find the Right Realtor

The key word here is \”right.\” While there\’s certainly no shortage of qualified sales professionals to choose from, it\’s important that you find one who can fully understand your wants, needs and individual tastes, and whose personal and professional judgment you respect.

Today\’s buyers also have more choices when it comes to choosing the sales professional who can best represent them in a real estate transaction. Until recent years, virtually all real estate professionals involved in a given transaction worked for the seller. However, a growing number of today\’s home buyers are choosing to be represented by a \”buyer\’s agent,\” who represents the buyer in contrast to the traditional seller/sales professional relationship.

Many real estate companies throughout the United States have both buyer and seller agencies. A sales professional should present you with a disclosure statement before any working relationship is created. That statement should explain what a buyer\’s agent is and does, what a seller\’s agent is and does, and what dual agency means. It is very important to remember that real estate firms are governed by laws that can vary by state. Disclosure laws also vary by state.

Here are a few guidelines about the kind of service and experience you should be looking for. Plus review the top Six Reasons to Choose an ERA Professional.

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